CleanGin Editions: What's Your Flavour?

CleanGin Editions: What's Your Flavour?

Way back in April we asked you what the next flavour of CleanGin should be. You voted, we created. Say hello to CleanGin Editions, not one, but three new flavours of CleanGin.

Prepared by our master distiller in small copper pot gin stills and infused with fruit and botanical flavour. Available for a limited time only, choose your favourite flavour from aromatic Elderflower, pretty in pink Raspberry or tart Rhubarb. Or maybe all three?

We've got a perfect pour for each of our delicious new CleanGin flavour;

50ml over ice with light tonic water, a lemon slice and a sprig of fresh mint.

50ml over ice with soda water and a lemon twist.

50ml over ice with tonic water a squeeze of lime juice and a fresh lime wedge.

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Nothing artificial * No Sweeteners • No Hangover

Alcohol by volume: 1.2%.

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