Ready for 30-Days without Alcohol?

Ready for 30-Days without Alcohol? 

If you find yourself reading this, you are likely a little bit curious about what an alcohol-free version of yourself looks like. 

More and more people are tuning into the benefits of not drinking and enjoying a life without alcohol. And it's easy to see why. More energised, healthier and no hangxiety? Yes, please. 

We want to help people feel confident in their alcohol-free choices without making excuses about why they aren't drinking or feeling like a night out is off-limits to them. It's about time alcohol-free is an accepted norm, so we're here to break down those barriers and make it easier for you. 

That's why we've created a 30-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge with motivational hints, tips and guest features to guide you through and keep you on track.

What to expect

  • An introduction to your 30-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge 🗓
  • 10% off your next order when you sign up
  • 5-minute motivations from Spencer + friends 🎙
  • The science behind hangovers, hangxiety and more…🧬🧪
  • Tips and tricks for avoiding alcohol ✨
  • Non-alcoholic recipes and unique discounts 💌