The Business

We looked at the no and low alcohol options that are currently on the market and felt that there was a gap for a great tasting alcohol replacement. People are tired of sugary soft drinks and poor alcohol options, so we used traditional methods to create something new - something with the character, quality and complexity that people want in a drink.

General product

Our drinks give people an easy way to drink a bit less, and in order to deliver the familiar flavours of a G & T or a Rum & Cola, keeping a little alcohol in our recipes was key. We’ve found they work really well with a whole range of lifestyle choices, whether you don’t drink alcohol at all or just fancy cutting back a bit.

We’ve created a super-premium product that’s taken months of development to get just right. Whilst the exact process is a bit of a secret, we’ve had to distil 50% more of our key botanicals to get the cut-through we wanted. This is both expensive and laborious, but we believe that the flavour of CleanGin shows it’s worth all the hard work. There are of course cheaper alternatives out there, but we wanted to follow the same craft techniques as with full-strength gin – using the same stills and the same botanicals.

No, at the moment we only sell our drinks in a 70cl bottle. We plan to expand our range in the near future though and might look to bring out different sized bottle then too.

The short answer is no. At 1.2% vol, the average person would need to drink more than two bottles before feeling the impact of any alcohol. To put that into perspective, our drinks contain less alcohol than a freshly baked bread roll (with 1.9% vol), and only a little bit more than your standard grape juice (with 0.9%).

Absolutely. We’d love to make a Clean version of all our favourite alcoholic drinks eventually. For now though, you’ll have to keep your ear to the ground.

Watch this space. We're working on this, but Vodka is a tricky drink to replicate without using the same levels of alcohol. Getting a flavour that we’re truly happy with has meant we’ve had our work cut out for us, and it’s taken a long time for us to develop an exceptionally-tasting recipe.

Whilst there’s nothing official to announce just yet, sign up to our newsletter to receive an email about it when it launches. You might even get a little discount too.

We find they taste best with a mixer, or in a CleanCocktail. You’ll find a selection of our favourite concoctions on our CleanCocktails page.

Because our drinks aren’t full-volume spirits, if left in the freezer the liquid will freeze and expand, causing the bottle to crack. You can keep your bottle nice and cool in the fridge, but it’s definitely not safe for freezing.

We’re very fortunate to be working with Mark Gamble and his team at Union Distillers. They’re tremendous visionaries and welcome the toughest of challenges, so they were only too happy to work with us on developing our range of drinks.


No. For a drink to be classed as a gin, European law states that it must contain 37.5% alcohol and have a predominant flavour of juniper. Our belief is that we’re opening up a new category, which allows people to enjoy properly distilled and expertly created drinks without the alcohol. We have the predominant juniper flavour but only 1.2% alcohol.

We make our CleanGin by using Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Gin (1.1%), Natural Flavourings, Acid: Citric Acid, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate. It contains over 30 times less alcohol than your average gin, with no sugar or sweetener.

We use traditional methods to make CleanGin, with classic copper stills, and a blend of exciting gin botanicals. It’s bottled less than 20 yards from where it is distilled, so it’s kept nice and local.

You may have noticed that we have been busy perfecting our recipe to bring you a punchier, more juniper-heavy version - making it even more reminiscent of full-strength gin. The new and improved CleanGin now has a cloudy finish due to the unique blend of juniper berries we use - this can also be found in other premium gin brands and is perfectly natural.


The base liquid of CleanRum is developed following the same traditional methods used to make a classic Jamaican rum, but we’ve tweaked things ever so slightly to bring you a unique, low-alcohol recipe that still achieves that golden hue and spiced flavour that rum-drinkers will be so familiar with.

We make CleanRum using Water, Vegetable Glycerine, Rum (1.5%), Natural Flavourings, Acid: Citric Acid, Colour: Plain Caramel, Preservative: Potassium Sorbate. It contains no sugar or sweeteners and over 30 times less alcohol than traditional spiced rum.

We’re always experimenting with new ideas, and whilst a white rum isn’t on the horizon just yet, it’s definitely something we’re looking at.


Our drinks do contain alcohol, albeit a very small amount. Because of that, we think it’s always best if a person asks the advice of someone professional who’s supported them on their journey.

Our drinks contain 1.2% vol, which is a tiny amount of alcohol. To put that into perspective, you’ll find 1.9% in a freshly baked bread roll and about 2% in soy sauce. It’s really down to personal preference though, and as we aren’t doctors, we wouldn’t like to advise either way. We do have fans who are pregnant or breastfeeding though.

Alcohol affects everyone differently and while we certainly wouldn’t suggest going crazy, at 1.2% vol, the average person would need to drink over 2 bottles of CleanGin or CleanRum before feeling the impact of any alcohol. That means drinking a few glasses certainly wouldn’t be a problem, and you’d still be well under the legal driving limit in the UK & Ireland.

CleanRum contains 16 calories per 50ml serving & CleanGin contains 13 calories per 50ml serve (which is a double shot).

Yes, we’re pleased to say that all our drinks are vegan.

Indeed. All our drinks are gluten-free, and they contain no added sugar or sweeteners either.

Shipping and sales

We do indeed, and our CleanGin is stocked in a range of Dunnes stores too. Find your nearest stockist on our Stockists page.

At the moment we only ship to the UK, Channel Islands & Ireland, but we’re working on getting our drinks out to more places as soon as we can, so watch this space.

Other than right here on our website, you’ll find our full range of drinks over on Amazon. If you’re in the UK, CleanGin and CleanRum can also be found in selected Sainsbury’s stores, and in Ireland you can buy it in Dunnes. You can use our store locator, to find an up to date list of all stockists near you.

Great to hear you’re interested in selling Clean Liquor. If you drop an email to sales@clean.co, we’ll be in touch.