The Business

We were tired of sugary soft drinks and rubbish low-alcohol options, and we knew others were too - so we decided to do something about it. That’s when we developed Clean G, using traditional methods to create something with the character, quality and complexity of a proper grown-up drink.

General product

Our range of drinks contain no more than 0.5% ABV, which makes them non-alcoholic. Whilst there’s still a tiny amount of alcohol present, any drinks containing up to 0.5% ABV are considered non-alcoholic almost everywhere in the world.

Yes. All of our drinks are non-alcoholic, and you’ll find the full range over on our Shop page.

We’ve created the best tasting range of non-alcoholic spirits on the market. We’ve had to distil 50% more of our key ingredients to get the taste impact we need. This is both expensive and laborious, but we believe the flavour of our spirits show it’s worth all the hard work. There are of course cheaper alternatives out there, but we want to use the best techniques and botanicals to create the best liquids, without compromise.

No, at the moment we only sell our CleanCo spirits in a 70cl bottle, but we might look to bring out different sized bottle later down the line.

We do sell pre-mixed cans of CleanGin & Tonic and CleanRum & Cola (which are a bit cheaper to buy), so that might be a good place to start if you’re unsure about buying a full-size bottle to begin with.


There’s some trace alcohol in our drinks, but not enough to get you drunk, in normal consumption.

Since we launched in November 2019, we’ve worked hard to bring you clean versions of a whole range of spirits - starting with alternatives for gin, then rum, limited edition flavoured gins, pre-mixed drinks, and more recently, vodka and tequila. We’ll keep expanding, because we know people want more – so watch this space or get in touch if there’s anything in particular you think we’re missing from the range.

Our spirits are best served as a double shot (50ml) with your mixer of choice, or as part of your favourite clean cocktail. Take your pick from the delicious array of recipes we’ve created.

Alternatively, if you’re all about convenience, choose from our two pre-mixed recipes - CleanGin & Tonic, and CleanRum & Cola.

Please don’t freeze our drinks. Do keep them in the fridge to keep them fresh after opening though, if you wish.

Clean G

No. For a drink to be classed as a gin, European law states that it must contain 37.5% alcohol and have a predominant flavour of juniper. Our belief is that we’re opening up a new category, which allows people to enjoy properly distilled and expertly created drinks without the alcohol. We have the predominant juniper flavour but only a fraction of the alcohol.

We spent much of 2020 perfecting our original Clean G recipe, and as a result we now offer a punchier, more juniper-heavy version, that’s even more reminiscent of full-strength gin. The new and improved recipe has a cloudy finish due to the unique blend of juniper berries we use, which is a characteristic that can also be seen in premium gin brands.


All of our drinks contain some alcohol (albeit a small amount). If you’re looking to completely avoid alcohol for dependency reasons, or because you’re concerned about possible relapse, CleanCo drinks might not be for you. Before you make the decision to give our drinks a try, we’d always recommend asking the advice of someone professional who’s supported you on your journey.

All of our drinks contain some alcohol (albeit a small amount).

You’ll find less alcohol in our drinks than in a freshly baked bread roll, or in some soy sauce - but it’s all about what makes you comfortable. We’ve always had fans who are pregnant or breastfeeding, but it’s a topic that often divides the crowds.

If you’re wanting to avoid alcohol altogether, then our drinks may not be for you, but if you’re seeking a second opinion then we’d always recommend asking your health visitor or doctor.

Most of our fans drink our products and drive legally – but alcohol affects everyone differently, so ultimately, it’s a decision you’d have to make yourself.

You can head over to our Shop page to find the nutritional information for each of our drinks.

Yes, if you’re following a vegetarian or vegan diet you can absolutely enjoy our delicious range of drinks.

Yes, we’re happy to say that all of our drinks are gluten-free.

Clean G Pink

Clean G Pink is a brand new recipe, and it’s made using two delicious ingredients - strawberry and pink peppercorn. You’ll find it on our website, so why not give it a try?

At the moment, Clean G Pink is stocked exclusively on our website, so if you fancy treating yourself or a loved one, head to our online store to buy a bottle.

Pink gin has proven to be hugely popular over the past few years within the drinks industry, and we’ve brought you a number of limited edition pink recipes since we launched back in 2019. Each one proved popular with our fans, but with a few tweaks and some new and exciting ingredients providing a delicious punch and fruity aroma, we think we’ve come up with our most exciting recipe yet. We’ll let you be the judge of that though.

Shipping and sales

Indeed they are. You’ll also find us stocked in Holland & Barrett and Dunnes. Find your nearest stockist on our Stockists page.

At the moment we only ship to the UK, Channel Islands & Ireland, but we’re working on getting our drinks out to more places as soon as we can. Stay tuned for some exciting news on that front in the not-too-distant future.

Other than right here on our website, you’ll find our full range of drinks over on Amazon. If you’re in the UK, you’ll find us in a wide range of Sainsbury’s and Holland & Barrett stores, and in Ireland we’re in Holland & Barrett and Dunnes. Use our Stockists page for an up-to-date list of all stockists near you.

Great to hear you’re interested in selling some of the CleanCo range. If you drop an email to sales@clean.co, we’ll be in touch.