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The average person spends 252 hours a year hungover.
What would you do with that time back?
Some say we sell non-alcoholic spirits.

We say we sell time.


Does it taste like the real thing?

Here's what a few of our customers have to say...

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Reduce & control your alcohol intake
Less than 0.5% ABV

Healthier Choice

Vegan, sugar free & Less than 18 calories per serve.


Lose the alcohol, win back the morning

Join Thousands of Happy Clean Drinkers

Your Clean Rum is amazing. Such good value and it tastes the same if not nicer than the real thing!
No hangover and no compromise on taste. Game changer 👌

Aileen Earls

I was dubious and thought how could this really taste like real dark rum?? Well let me just say it’s Aaaaaamazing! I am beyond impressed and have zero hesitation in recommending this product.  you will not be disappointed.


I love a drink and hate the hangover, grogginess of the next day. Just doesn’t happen with these drinks. Cannot thank them enough for a great product.

Laura Thompson

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