CleanCo Heroes: Joel Fearon

Feb 01, 2022

CleanCo Heroes: Joel Fearon

Joel Fearon is Olympic medalist who has excelled at elite level in athletics and bobsleigh, representing Great Britain on the world stage in both sports, winning the country's first Olympic bobsleigh medal since 1998. Joel is also the father of 4 and dedicates his time coaching kids in speed in speed and mindset teaching his students that physical capability is only one of the components necessary for success; he supports the transformation of both body and mind, realising that all minds deserve to be nurtured and challenged on the road to success. Which also fits into leading a life of moderation.

What is your current relationship with alcohol like?

I decided from the 1st of January this year not to drink at all for six months. I want to make sure that my head is clear, I am not suppressing any feelings and I’m able to tackle my goals.

My relationship with alcohol in the past has been all or nothing. When I am competing or going through intense training I avoid alcohol completely, but during times when I am more relaxed I can probably tend to overdo it sometimes!

Would you say you have ever struggled with alcohol?

Absolutely. Sometimes during off seasons or when I have been going through a particularly hard time. Us athletes tend to be highly strung because we are always thinking about our competitors and our performance so it is important to have times where you can be normal and you can relax and enjoy your environment. Drinks like CleanCo. that provide the experience without alcohol are perfect for me.

In your opinion what are the biggest impacts you see when you have drunk alcohol, positive and negative?

Personally I am absolutely not nervous to socialise when not drinking but when I have had a drink I feel relaxed and happy - I’m laughing, I’m joking, I am enjoying myself and my wife and kids. In reality I guess it just helps me to switch off from thinking about competing and enjoy the things I already love.

Alcohol doesn’t necessarily affect my physical fitness as such but it does affect my mental focus. If i’ve had a drink and I am attempting my sport the intensity goes and the ability to focus on the outcome goes with it.

It also makes my relationship a lot better with my wife if I do not drink, she is someone who does worry about alcohol and there are some people in my family that have struggled with alcohol in the past so it’s always at the back of her mind. She sees the positive impact moderating my intake has on my energy and my productivity.

What is your perception of non-alcoholic alternatives such as CleanCo?

Before now the only non-alcoholic drink i’d tried was some gin that my sister bought.

Having tried CleanR rum alternative this would fit into my lifestyle massively as a professional athlete, entrepreneur and father of four. I need my downtime and to relax but also need to be very switched on most of the time. This is an amazing product to keep me on my A-game!

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