CleanCo Heroes: Louis McMiller

Jan 28, 2022

CleanCo Heroes: Louis McMiller

Louis McMiller

Louis started his dance career at the age of 7 and trained at The Royal Ballet School. As a dancer, model and movement director he works on fashion campaigns, commercials and editorials with clients including Uniqlo, Schwarzkopf & Converse, as well as working with artists such as FKA Twigs, Dua Lipa & Rudimental.

His most recent adventure has taken him into the fitness world, as a Ride Instructor at Psycle London. With his love for movement and dance plus an extrovert personality, Louis would be able to take his followers through his drink routine and how it fits into his lifestyle.

Here Louis tells us about the impact alcohol has on different areas of his life, and how alternatives like CleanCo can help;

How does alcohol impact your social life?

I’ve always enjoyed having a drink as a way to relax, socialise with friends and accompany a meal but in the UK drinking culture is everywhere, so it’s always easy to say yes to having a drink. It’s the first thing people ask when you sit down at the table “What are you drinking?”. It’s good to have alcohol alternatives such as CleanCo to balance out the choice between soft drinks and full strength alcohol.

What effects do you see on your physical and mental health when you have had a drink?

I am very physically active and start very early in the morning. Not having alcohol in the evening before pretty much guarantees no sluggish feeling when I wake up so I am ready to go.

I also find that alcohol can negatively affect my sleep. Having a better nights sleep through moderating my alcohol intake means my head is clearer and I don’t have to get over the hurdle of picking myself up when the hangover kicks in!

Why are you currently moderating your alcohol intake?

I’m currently moderating my alcohol intake as part of Dry January. After a busy holiday season, I think it’s nice to get stuck into the new year on a clean slate and I also always like to challenge myself.

Since starting Dry January so many of my friends have told me how fresh I look and it’s only been 3 weeks!

Whatwere your first impressions of CleanCo?

I tried Clean G, and found it was an amazing way to unwind with a delicious drink without alcohol. I’ve tried 0% beer which was ok, but Clean G is so fresh and so close to the real thing - I really wouldn’t know the difference!

What sort of situations would make you drink a low/no alternative?

If I know the next day is packed and I am having to drive, but want to still socialise with a delicious drink and not feel like I’m left out of the fun! CleanCo is perfect when I get home, take off my shoes and make a refreshing drink to wind-down, watch the TV with my dinner after a busy day!

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