An update from Spencer

May 14, 2020

An update from Spencer

People often ask me how becoming sober has affected my life.

It’s hard to explain that regular alcohol consumption can actually change the kind of person that you are (your nature). Granted I probably consumed more and drank more regularly than the average person but it’s crazy to think of the changes to my own mind. I’m not sure that I’d even know or be friends with myself two years ago. Who I am now would not respect my former self nor would I have much in common with him. I don’t think that I was a particularly bad person - just trapped in a habit or pattern that meant that I was unable to see certain things and operate at a certain level. My twenties felt like driving a really fast car with the hand brake on. I would look at certain people and want what they had, the job title, the business, the watch, and most importantly the polished, complete life, with the respectful love of their family but that’s where it would end. I wouldn’t go and figure it out for myself, instead I’d just hide behind a slightly arrogant fake mask because I’d made some television and thought that the world would naturally unravel at my feet because of that. Unlocking my full potential simply wasn’t possible. There is no substitute for hard work. Sobriety has brought me clarity of mind and the ability to make important decisions quickly and effectively. My work drive is through the roof and everyday I feel like I’m crushing through a new boundary.

I genuinely believe that CleanCo will offer choice and change people’s lives.

Life at home feels perfect and little things that used to get in the way of happiness have simply ceased to exist. I have been sober every day that my son has been alive, and I’m proud of that. Do I ever miss drinking? No - but I drank enough for all of us. No need to be greedy. The grass is greener on this side for me. This is not a message to suggest that you should go sober. I’m simply pointing out what sobriety has given me - the life I always wanted.

Just felt like sharing.

- Spencer Matthews

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