How To Reduce Your Alcohol Intake?

Jun 21, 2024

How To Reduce Your Alcohol Intake?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your alcohol intake or cut back a little on your normal amount? Reducing alcohol can be a great lifestyle change and goal to obtain for many reasons. Whether it’s just for improved overall health and wellbeing, fitness goal, better sleep, or for sharper focus and clarity. Here are some valuable tips to guide you on your journey to drinking less and enjoying a healthier lifestyle.


Tips on how to cut back on alcohol

Cutting back can be a challenge especially if drinking it is part of your regular routine. We’ve got some great practical tips for you to help you cut back on your sobriety journey and help you manage your consumption more effectively along with some great alcohol-free options that still help you enjoy a tasty beverage.

Try a few alcohol free days each week

One of the easier ways to reduce alcohol consumption is to set aside and schedule certain days of the week as alcohol free. This will allow your body to recover and detox from any previous days of drinking and break the habit of daily drinking. Perhaps ease into this process by starting with one or two alcohol-free days a week and gradually increase until you feel more comfortable. 

Count your drinks or set a limit

Being mindful of how much you’re drinking is key. Keep track of the number of drinks you have, either by counting them or setting a strict limit before you start. Keeping promises to yourself in this process is important. Treat yourself like you would your best friend and tell yourself this is to aid your future self. Perhaps you might decide to have no more than two drinks per evening. This conscious effort will help prevent over indulging and will keep your consumption in check.

Aim to have soft drinks betweek drinks

Drinking clean in between, alternating between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages is another very effective way of reducing the amount of alcohol you’re drinking. For every drink, switch it up to a non-alcoholic clean cocktail. This way you’re replacing the habit and slowly weaning yourself off it. This practice not only slows down your drinking but also keeps you hydrated and reduces the overall amount of alcohol you consume.


Hacks to limit at home drinking

If you tend to indulge in a few drinks at home after work or in general, we’ve devised a few hacks to help you limit your at-home drinking.. 

Have a stash of AF options available

Stock up on a variety of alcohol-free beverages to enjoy at home. There are many great options, from non-alcoholic beers and wines to non-alcoholic spirits from CleanCo which create the equivalent spirit to their alcoholic counterparts, tequila, whiskey, gin, rum and vodka. Having these readily available makes it easier to choose a non-alcoholic drink when you’re relaxing at home or entertaining guests plus you can make it into an experience by mixing the cocktails and try a few options.

Keep busy in the first few weeks 

The first stage of reducing alcohol you may find to be challenging. Keeping yourself busy and distracted is an important step to the process as you won’t be inclined to drink and they’ll be less of an urge. Engage in fun activities that you love, such as reading, exercising, cooking or taking up a new hobby. Staying busy will help you form healthier habits that don’t revolve around alcohol.

Set a goal or target for a sober period or sober days

Setting clear goals can provide motivation and a sense of achievement. Decide on a specific period to stay sober, such as a month (like “Dry January”) or a set number of sober days per week. Tracking your progress towards these goals can be encouraging and help you stay committed to reducing your alcohol intake.


Alcohol-free options that feel like you’re drinking

You don’t have to miss out just because you’re not drinking alcohol. There are plenty of alcohol-free options that can satisfy your taste buds and social commitments.

  1. Non-Alcoholic Beers: Many breweries now offer excellent non-alcoholic beers that mimic the taste of traditional beers without the alcohol. They come in various styles, from lagers to IPAs, providing plenty of choices.
  2. Alcohol-Free Wines: For wine lovers, alcohol-free wines can be a great alternative. These wines undergo a dealcoholization process that removes the alcohol but retains the flavor and aroma of traditional wine.
  3. Clean cocktails: Get creative with non-alcoholic cocktails that are just as delicious and festive as their alcoholic counterparts. There are endless recipes available on CleanCo, so you can experiment and find your favourites.

By implementing these tips and hacks, and exploring a variety of alcohol-free options, you can successfully reduce your alcohol intake without feeling deprived. Making these changes can lead to a healthier lifestyle, better mental clarity, and a greater sense of well-being. Cheers to your health!

You don’t have to miss out just because you’re not drinking alcohol.



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