New & Improved Clean G Recipe

Jan 08, 2021

New & Improved Clean G Recipe

It’s been over a year since we brought you our very first CleanCo recipe, and in that time Clean G has gained a serious following of die-hard fans (you only need to look at Trustpilot to see that).

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels and have spent the past three months perfecting our recipe to bring you a punchier, more juniper-heavy version - making it even more reminiscent of full-strength gin.

Aside from the more intense flavour, there are two changes you’ll notice. One is that the recipe now has a cloudy finish due to the unique blend of juniper berries we use - this may also result in some naturally-occurring sediment. Second, we have a new beautiful bespoke bottle that would look great sitting in your home. 

With a huge 36% saving across all CleanCo spirits until the end of January, this really is the time to give the new Clean G recipe a try - so if you fancy treating yourself (or someone else, for that matter), just visit our online shop.

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