Our checklist to moderation ✅🍸

Mar 04, 2022

Our checklist to moderation ✅🍸

Moderating. Not the sexiest word in the dictionary, but something most of us have at the very least considered. Drinking Clean doesn’t have to mean total abstinence but there are lots of reasons why cutting down on the booze benefits your life. We’ve created a checklist to help you start and stick to your moderation journey.

  1. Plan your week 📝
    Plan your week out to help you identify those moments where drinking the night before might hold you back.
  2. List those benefits ⚖️
    Make a list of the main reasons why you’re cutting back and put that list somewhere you’ll look at it. This will help you stick it out when the going gets tough.
  3. Set yourself short-term targets 🎯
    Stay motivated by setting short-term, tangible goals. Start by moderating during weekdays or trialling 7 days off. You’ll quickly start to see the benefits that will motivate you to go further!
  4. Tell your friends & family, make it social 💬
    Telling your friends what you’re doing and why means they can help and support you on your journey. If you can get someone to join you, all the better!
  5. Try out some non-alcoholic alternatives 🍸
    Brands like CleanCo have developed non-alcoholic drinks that really are as good as your full-strength favourites. They’re a great way to satisfy that craving when you really fancy one.

Whether you are committing to some booze-free days, or alternating cocktails on a night out, you can still enjoy your favourite cocktails with our award winning range of non-alcoholic, sugar free spirits at less than 15 calories per serve. Now that’s worth a cheers! ✔️

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