Tips From The Top: My Clean Routine by Spencer Matthews, CEO

Jul 06, 2021

Tips From The Top: My Clean Routine by Spencer Matthews, CEO

With workplace culture being such a hot topic nowadays, leading CEOs are being asked to let us in on their daily routines and give tips on how to become more successful.

The following is from CleanCo’s Founder & CEO, Spencer Matthews.

"Over the last year or so I’ve noticed many celebrities and CEOs giving accounts of their daily routines that I can only describe as total and utter unachievable nonsense and in some cases, just plain stupid.

I thought I’d offer some insight on what life as a famous CEO really looks like.

If I had a pound for every time someone complimented me on my phenomenal success and god-like physique, I’d be able to add a third Bentley to the fleet.

I don’t look at my life arc in days, weeks and months. In fact my life is not an arc at all. It’s a straight line on an upward trajectory measured in wins, triumphs and complete eviscerations of anyone or thing that stands in my way.

This kind of success comes from my “Clean Routine” and as my ‘day’ never really finishes, it’s hard to know where to begin, but here goes:

I gave up sleeping in 2017 as I found it unproductive. I do however lay horizontally in a dark room for several hours, whilst remaining conscious, fully alert and in deep thought.

6am: The kids wake up, reminding me how lucky I am to have such beautiful children and full time hired help to look after them.

6:20am: I consume food once a day via osmosis so as not to waste time being sat down eating in a traditional sense. I do this via a cream that I rub all over my incredible body which slowly releases nutrients into my system throughout the day.

6:30am: Half Marathon

7:25am: Family time. This is the most important part of my day and is the cornerstone of any healthy and prosperous person.

7:30am: Instruct PA to begin counting yesterday’s earnings whilst I hop on a call with Chinese investors. I insist that all calls be in their native Mandarin as I believe it adds to the authenticity of the meeting and my credibility. Given that I don’t speak Chinese, I simultaneously use this call to plan future projects that will enhance the lives of others.

9am: A quick stroll around Battersea Park. It’s important for people to see me to boost local morale.

9:30am: 18 holes of golf with other celebrated people and business titans. Playing golf on a work day reminds me of my importance and social stature, which in turn is good for business.

1pm: Whilst others have “lunch” I use this time to learn and better myself. Sometimes I hold a plank for many minutes over an open encyclopaedia, consuming knowledge - working body and mind together.

2pm: Pop into CleanCo HQ to inspire the team with my very presence and to rattle off three hours of solidly focused work that will ultimately lead to the behavioural shifts of millions of people all over the world. The fact that many of the team choose to voluntarily sleep at the office is testament to how they view me as a leader, mentor and, dare I say, father.

5pm: 2nd half of Marathon.

6pm: It’s vital to give thanks for the important things in life and to express how blessed we truly are. That is why I allow my wife Vogue an unbroken 20 minutes to shower me with gratitude at least once a day.

6:20pm: Clean G&Ts. CleanCo’s non-alcoholic spirits are the finest in the world and fit the lifestyle of any overachieving legend. I gave up drinking alcohol a few years ago which ultimately led to my immense success. Putting alcohol in me is like putting milk in a Ferrari.

6:58pm: Quality time with the kids before their bedtime.

7pm: Kid’s bedtime.

8pm: Congratulate myself over and over again in the mirror. They say you should only spend time with likeminded people.

10pm: Remind PA that they’re running out of time and suggest they simply weigh the earnings. It’s so satisfying to count your cash in kilos, a tip given to me by a well-known businessman that I won’t name but is no Virgin when it comes to entrepreneurship."

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