Clean G Rhubarb

Perfect in a fruity G&T

Step into a garden of flavour with Clean G Rhubarb, a non-alcoholic gin that's as fresh as a spring morning. Its tangy yet sweet profile is for those who dare to be different and delight in the di...

Award Winning
Sugar Free
Low Calorie

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Clean R

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Clean G

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Clean G Rhubarb
Clean G Rhubarb
Clean G Rhubarb
Clean G Rhubarb

Why CleanCo

Award Winning
Sugar Free
Low Calorie
Natural Flavours
Made in the UK
No Artificial Sweeteners

Meet the flavours

Lets us describe you the tastes before you try it yourself...

Juniper Berries
Juniper Berries

Key botanical used to infuse with their distinct piney and aromatic flavour.


Sharp with a cozy tang, like a bite of fresh pie straight from the garden.


Bold and brightly sweet, bringing a playful tartness to the mix.

Lemon Grass
Lemon Grass

Citrusy, lemon aroma adding a zesty and herbal twist

See what our customers are saying

A great Gin alternative

"I recently got the chance to try the Pink Gin and by golly it is good. As a sober person who still loves the taste of cocktails finding gin alternatives that actually have any flavour had been a challenge until now. The Pink Gin has a great and detectable botanical flavour that's not too overpowering but definitely elevates any gin based cocktail."



"Absolutely love my purchase, it’s so nice to have a non alcoholic drink that tastes beautiful and loved the little book that gives you ideas on how to make different mixes!! Fabulous will definitely purchase again!"


Best NA Gin on the market

"I’ve tried multiple non alcoholic gins and this is the best one by far and will definitely be ordering again. I hope they start putting this gin in bars."


Clean co vodka

"Easy to order, no postage delay, my bottle arrived safely, tasted great with no hangover or shame the next day. Will definitely repurchases for my next event 🙂"


First CleanCo order a success!

"The order was processed quickly and efficiently, the delivery company you used was also prompt and efficient, and the packaging of the bottles was absolutely superb; the first time I've seen that kind of protective sleeving. Well done!"


Good stuff

"I enjoy the rum and the scotch - the, new to me vodka is absolutely scrummy mixed with a strong ginger."


Great bottles for reuse

"I love the whole range and I keep a bottle of each in the cupboard at all times. I cut out routine alcohol about 6 months ago to support my partner going dry and Clean Co it’s been a breeze. The bottles are also great for reusing when bottling up my batch brew of kombucha for the second fermentation. My guts have definitely thanked me! "


Great customer service!

"Sent a replacement asap after EVRI lost the original delivery with no trouble. Rhubarb gin & whiskey were ordered & really, really nice! Whiskey I would say tastes more like golden spice rum but absolutely no complaints as its delicious. Thank you!"


Great product.

"My partner was a big rum fan but since he stopped drinking he couldn’t enjoy it anymore. I bought Cleanco rum for him for Christmas and he can’t stop drinking it! "


Great product.

"Tried two gins and the rum. All really good. Great customer service too. Had an issue with delivery caused by Evri. Order was resent straight away with a different delivery company. Will definitely be coming back for more."


Great selection of products.

"Everything is always sent out quickly so I can make my alcohol free cocktails super fast after ordering. "


Great substitute for alcohol

"I'm really impressed with CleanCo! I've bought the Pink G, Rhubarb G and R spirits and they're all very convincing, at a price I don't resent. They've really helped me cut my alcohol consumption down massively whilst maintaining the ritual of 'having a drink'. The service is fast and the packaging sustainable. I'll be a repeat customer for sure."


Has to be at least my dozen-th order

"I think that tells you all you need to know! My life is definitely better for a Clean G & tonic, a clean R & coke or a Clean W & ginger… excuse me I just have to go and make today’s decision!"


Highly recommend this great alternative

"I’ve tried the well known brand & it didn’t taste as close as this does to a proper G&T. Even my partner has started drinking CleanCo more & he loves an alcoholic drink! I’ve now tried the tequila too which tastes just like the hard stuff. "


Incredible Customer Service!

"The CleanCo Customer Service staff were knowledgeable, professional, friendly…amazing! THE best experience I’ve had with Customer Service and I’m very hard to please so that says alot. WAY TO GO CLEANCO! "


I’ve tried all the alcohol free spirits...

"I’ve tried all the alcohol free spirits and found them to be teeth coatingingly chronic. The gin from Clean Co was fresh, tasted good and was be the nicest approximation to the real thing I have found. I remain baffled why, in the absence of duty, the costs are the same as an alcoholic bottle, but it’s good. "


Absolutely loved Clean & Co.

"The quality of the (non) gin is sublime- tastes delicious, love the bottles. Rhubarb is my favourite. It has been a game changer for stopping drinking alcohol. When it takes that good I don’t know why anyone would choose the stuff that gives you headaches. "


No to Alcohol? Yes to CleanCo…

"I recently decided to stop drinking alcohol because I realised I hated the effects of it but loved the feel of the glass in my hand and the social aspect. I tried a few non alcoholic wines and most of them taste like garbage! So I decided to try CleanCo gin. I’ve now bought the original and the rhubarb and they’re fantastic! I put a little tonic in with some fruit and mint. So refreshing!! I can’t believe this stuff actually tastes like gin. Sorcery!"


Not exact-a-likes but close enough

"The product of which i have tried the Whisky, Rum, and Gin are not exact-a-likes but are reasonably close with mixers to satisfy my needs. As a result i have now remained sober for nearly 4 months."



"I am absolutely stunned how delicious the product is. I stopped drinking in January and a G&T was my drink of choice, this mirrors the taste exactly without the alcohol. The delivery was prompt and packaging environmentally conscious. The concertina bottle packaging is genius! I will definitely be purchasing again."


Really enjoy the flavours in these drinks

"Very true to the 'alcoholic' versions. Packaging is always very secure and sturdy, the delivery is fast and you are kept updated from point of order to delivery. I can't fault the product, service or delivery, a very good all-round experience. I recommend all the time to family and friends alike. Try it. "


Such quick delivery

"I bought this clean rum for my friend who is pregnant and was craving a rum and coke she said it was fab and not much difference "


Tastes just like the real thing!

"I was dubious and thought how could this really taste like Gin??? Well let me say it’s aaaaamazing! I am beyond impressed and have zero hestitation is recommending this product. You will not be disappointed."


Tastes just right with no after effects.

"After a bariatric surgery I was told no more alcohol from that moment forward, I do love a rum and coke or a vodka and orange even a little tequila once every now and then. I'm over joyed to finally have a drink that tastes spot on yet has no alcohol, would recommend and will be purchasing again."


The Best Non Alcoholic Drinks!!

"Well they’ve all arrived in plenty of time for Christmas hence why my husband has bought me them for Christmas! I cannot tell the difference between both the real alcoholic ones and the nonalcoholic ones! I’d recommend them to anyone!"


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