Alcohol-Free Recipe

Clean Old Fashioned

Clean Old Fashioned
  • Preparation

    3 minutes

  • Difficulty

    Elevated Serve

  • Serves

    1 person

Clean W

This recipe uses

Clean W

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About this cocktail

A new fashioned take on a classic! Replace your full strength spirit with Clean W for a sophisticated drink without the hangover. Perfect for people who like the ritual of making a delicious cocktail, but don’t want the negative impacts. 

Recipe by Clean Liquor

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Ingredients for 1 person

Making it for more? Just double the ingredients!

  • 50ml Clean W
  • Red chilli
  • Glacé cherry
  • Orange peel


Step 1

Muddle a small slice of red chilli and orange peel with a glace cherry in a short glass.

Step 2

Fill the glass halfway with ice and add the Clean W.

Step 3

Add a splash of soda water if you like, and mix.

Step 4

Using a bar spoon, stir around the ice in a continuous circular motion for 1 minute.

Step 5

Pinch a fresh piece of orange peel over the glass to release the oils, then rub it around the rim and drop into the drink.

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