Attempted and failed dry January? This one’s for you

Dec 28, 2022

Attempted and failed dry January? This one’s for you

When you’re halfway through dry January, then you say you’ll just have one drinkit’s me, hi, i’m the problem, it’s me. 

Don’t worry, you’ve got company. Over a third of drinkers don’t make it past the dry January halfway point. But not this year; we’re on a mission to help goal-setters and Christmas detoxers survive dry January this time around. 

At CleanCo, we know a thing or two about going alcohol-free, so follow our tips to start your new year with a new level of sober smugness and get ready to reap the health benefits. 

The first rule of dry January is… 

No, dry January is not like Fight Club. There is actually one very important rule. No alcohol for 31 days in January. Pretty simple huh?

Dry January began in 2013 as a public health campaign and has grown into a global movement. With millions of people signing up to kickstart the year as the best version of themselves. 

Despite January 2022 getting the most sign-ups in history, there is still a taboo around giving up drinking in the UK. And it’s likely because we associate drinking alcohol with having a good time, so to go without it, we feel we’re waving goodbye to parties, nights out, and any social life. 

And, let’s be honest, without drinking, you probably won’t be up at 4 am eating drunk leftover food, but we promise you can still go to the party. This January, you’re just going to do it differently. 


Which dry January drinker are you? 

So 365 new days and 31 days without alcoholic beverage - easy. But if you're reading this, like many others, you tried dry January before and failed. 

It happens - the weekend comes around, or someone offers you a drink, and you slip right back into old habits.  

We did some research to identify the different types of dry January drinkers and worked with psychologist Dr Becky Spelman to figure out how to stay on track. 

So, which one are you… 

The Sidekick - Misery loves company

Dry January tip: Find someone to do dry January with, whether it’s a pal, partner, family member, or even someone in the office. Together you can keep each other on track. 

The beauty of doing dry January with someone is you’re not going to feel left out. You can start a daily countdown with your buddy or simply text each other for some words of encouragement. But the important thing is you’re going to keep one another accountable. 

The Weekend Wobbler - Fighting the Friday feeling. 

Dry January tip: Don’t go without. Have an end-of-the-week drink; just go clean

We all are guilty of feeling we’ve earnt a splurge or treat on Friday, and for most, that equals heading to the pub or bar for post-work drinks. It’s easy, you’ve got the whole weekend ahead of you, what’s a few Friday drinks? 

If this sounds like you, this is where it's going to be tricky. But we've got a very simple solution - just switch the real thing for the right thing. Have a G&T or a spicy marg, with alcohol-free alternatives that keep the flavour but stop the hangover. 

The Banker - You want to save some cash.

Dry January tip: Start picturing that healthy bank balance.

The average UK household spends £916 on alcohol each year. And this doesn't factor in the secondary spending that comes with a night out. From taxis to takeaways and hangover cures the next day - it all racks up!

Set yourself a saving goal and keep this in mind whenever temptation strikes. However, you plan to spend those savings, whether it be on a holiday or summer festival - think how much more you’ll get for your money than the same old night out down the pub. 

The Life Changer - Drunk you is so last year.

Dry January tip: Track your new year, new you, goals. 

If your main reason for a dry January is to see the health benefits, self-improve, and achieve a specific goal, it's really important to track. 

In a month without alcohol, you will see immediate and long-lasting benefits. It's easy to focus on the physical benefits e.g. losing weight or clearer skin, but you should keep in mind the less-obvious things, such as mood, energy, and sleep too. 

Keep track of these things, even just in your phone notes. Each time you think about going for 'just one drink' you'll be able to review the progress you've made far and hopefully feel a sense of achievement to keep you going.   

The Halfway Hurdler - FOMO’s kicking in. 

Dry January tip: Go to the party but prepare for it to feel different.

Going without alcohol doesn’t mean you say no to things you want to do. You’re just doing them differently. Restricting yourself from social things you want to go to is a surefire way of failing dry January. 

Yes, it can be awkward when someone asks, ‘why aren’t you drinking?’ but just get your answer ready. There’s nothing cooler than someone being 100% self-assured about why they’re not drinking. 

So, cheers to you! Kick January off with a mocktail in tow and remember that dry January is really about getting something back. At CleanCo, we say that it's time. 

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