Sober October Starts Here

Oct 01, 2021

Sober October Starts Here

Hangover-free lovers - this is your moment. There's no need for a dull Sober October when our range of alcohol free spirits are just £16 for the whole of October. Now there’s something worth a round of cheers.

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Whether you like to drink clean all year round or you are a Sober October first-timer - we’ve got you covered with all our full-sized bottles on offer. There’s never been a better time to #drinkclean.

From our alcohol-free Clean G for Gin fans to Clean T for those who prefer to party the night away with a Margarita we have something for everyone – tee-total, sober curious - or just looking to try something new.

The suggested benefits of holding back on the booze are wide-reaching - from easing the symptoms of anxiety, increasing energy levels and even lowering the risk of serious illness there are lots of reasons to give it a go this October.

As our founder Spencer puts it:

‘Sobriety has brought me clarity of mind and the ability to make important decisions quickly and effectively. My drive to succeed is through the roof and everyday I feel like I’m crushing through a new boundary. Sobriety has given me the life I always wanted’

So why not say goodbye to a summer of hangovers and start Autumn with a clean slate? Pick up your bottle of CleanCo. before the end of October to take full advantage of our £16 offer.

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