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We're thrilled to have you here at CleanCo, your go-to destination for delicious non-alcoholic spirits. Together with the NPA, we're on a mission to promote healthier choices and mindful drinking.

Get ready to elevate your drinking experience with CleanCo's award-winning range of non-alcoholic spirits. From classic flavors like Gin and Rhubarb Gin to bold choices like Rum and Tequila, there's something for everyone – minus the hangover!


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Discover our range of non-alcoholic spirits and find your new favorite drink!

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"I cannot tell the difference between both the real alcoholic and the non alcoholic ones! I’d recommend them to anyone!"


“Tastes just like the real thing! Never looking back”


"The gin from Clean Co was fresh, tasted good and was be the nicest approximation to the real thing I have found."


"CleanCo really helped me cut my alcohol consumption down massively whilst maintaining the ritual of 'having a drink'."


"Has to be at least my dozen-th order; I think that tells you all you need to know! My life is definitely better for a Clean G & tonic"


"My partner was a big rum fan but he stopped drinking. I bought Cleanco rum for him and he can’t stop drinking it!


"As a sober person who still loves the taste of cocktails finding gin alternatives that have any flavour had been a challenge, until now."


"I'm over joyed to finally have a drink that tastes spot on yet has no alcohol, would recommend and will be purchasing again."


why cleanco?

Award Winning
Sugar Free
Low Calorie
Natural Flavours
Made in the UK
No Artificial Sweeteners


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